Everything is better

when we work together

At Bandit, we tailor our approach to work seamlessly with each client. We run a super collaborative process, getting to know you and your brand inside out so we’re on the same page at every step.

We don’t over-design and we don’t do things just for the hell of it. Behind each beautiful brand identity or top-notch website is a series of purposeful decisions that have been designed to bring your vision to life.


It’s simple, really: we get our kicks from doing good work for good people.

Our gang are the real deal: we’ll use our

experience and expertise and go in with

all guns blazing to build killer brands.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Fact: your brand is more than a logo, colour palette or font. Join us for a coffee or two and we’ll help you get your ducks in a row with a strategy that encompasses all of the different elements of your brand. Think your goals and audience, where you sit in your market, your tone of voice and much, much more. You’ll walk away with a clear vision and Brand Bible under your belt and a skip in your step.

Brand Naming

Your brand name should represent your brand values; align with your vision and appeal to your audience. No pressure though, right? We know that finding a name for your own business can be like pulling teeth, and that’s where we come in. We’ll help you find a name that’s the perfect expression of who you are as a brand.

Brand Identity

Your brand can have an incredible story, tonnes of life and be deeper than a Coldplay ballad, but if you don’t have a cohesive visual identity, that will all be lost. The way your brand looks is the first impression to a potential customer, so it needs to resonate and be memorable. You'll get a bangin' logo, brand assets, colour palette, font family and we'll seal the deal with an ultra-handy style guide to help you stay on course.

Brand Experience

Every single brand touchpoint adds a layer to how people perceive it. The brands that go to the effort of making sure every single layer is considered and branded are the ones that captivate their target market and keep them around for the long haul. With our Brand Experience service, we'll ensure every brand touchpoint is consistently building the layers of your brand story and absolutely magnetic to your target audience to keep them coming back time and time again.

Web Design

Say goodbye to dodgy templates and hello to a fully custom designed. Your website isn’t just the backbone of your business’s online presence, it’s your 24/7 shopfront. In today’s digital world customers will almost always check online to decide before they buy — so we’ll give you a website design that’ll knock their damn socks off.


If you’ve put the effort into creating an awesome product, it needs packaging that boosts sales and your business’ street cred. We’re all about designing packaging that’s not just practical, but positively magnetic to your audience. We can design and source custom packaging for a range of products.

Digital & Print Design

Think business cards, publications, signage, social media, website banners - let your mind run wild! We can roll out your brand across a multitude of platforms and materials, no holds barred. From design to print management and installation, we have it covered.

Photography & Art Direction


The visual experience of your brand is a powerful force. Whether you need product photography or editorial and lifestyle content for your brand’s platforms, we have the skills and partnerships to make it happen.


Often underestimated, copywriting is the underdog of your brand experience. It’s one thing to string together a sentence, but quite another to craft copywriting that unites your brand’s values, tone of voice, and key messaging in a way that excites your audience. Whether you need engaging copy for your website, campaign or publication, we’ve got a wicked wordsmith.

Ready for a creative partner to take you to the next level?