Circulaire Co.


An eternal fashion collective.


We've absolutely loved working with Hannah from Circulaire Co. designing a brand identity, and assisting in the naming process, to align with her fashion platform, giving us all an easy and ethical way to circulate our closets.


At the core of the business, Circulaire Co. is aware of the social, economic, and environmental challenges our society faces today, and is equally aware of the huge impact the fashion industry is having on our planet and its people. Instead of adding to the problem and creating more, Hannah decided it was important to add to the solution and create impact by assisting in circulating existing fashion pieces and make this process more accessible, instinctive and a higher quality experience for our community.


It’s well and truly time for consumers to be more involved in the solution to a fashion industry that we are proud to be a part of, starting with the chance to extend the lifecycle of quality garments that can be loved again and again. Working towards a more sustainable future in fashion, Circulaire Co. is here to leave the world a better place, starting with fashion and we couldn't be more proud to be helping them on their journey to just that.